Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Miles on my car: 250,000
Year my car was made and purchased: 1999
Number of overtime hours I worked the first week of this month: 7.00
Percentage of time I have spent working today: 65%
Milligrams of ibuprofen I will be taking shortly: 1000
My average blood pressure reading: 100/80
Number of days in the canine heat cycle: 21-28
Time the EOS module was scheduled for: 2pm-4pm
Time the EOS module ACTUALLY happened: 3pm-7pm
EOS evening event schedule: 6pm-8pm
EOS ACTUAL evening event time: 7:30pm-11:30pm
Number of hours I slept on Sunday: 10
Pieces of entertainment equipment our new (free) remote controls: 9
Amount of time until I can leave today: 2:10

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