Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In need of sleep - still

Last night sleeping was a bitch and a half! I came home and crawled into bed around 6:30 because I was feeling lightheaded and weird. Fell asleep for 3 hours or so and then got up and logged into work for half an hour. then went back to bed around midnight. But I was up like every hour! It totally sucked. Right about now I am crazy tired. I think it will take into Saturday to make up this sleep craziness.

Oh, and my system administrator pissed me off today, big time. The Director guy left at 3pm because of his kid's sports. Well, everyone knows when the boss leaves early, everyone tries to leave early too. However, the system administrator is a boss too - MY boss. He was constantly hounding me and my co-worker today about the 8 people for which e-mail migration was not yet completed. Like every half hour, he was asking status and when we would get out to do those people. So I am migrating one of the last two people of my day, both of whom get in after 3pm. I get done with one and decide that it's close enough to quitting time that I will pack up my stuff and take it with me while I hit the remote site where my last person of the day is. Part of this process involves deleting the old e-mail account and changing the login name. These things are done by sysadmin guy. Well, I get back upstairs to my desk...and he's gone for the day. Almost half an hour early! I was so pissed off I just packed my shit and left early myself. Fuck it. If he can do it, I am leaving too. Oh, I was so pissed off because he was hounding us to get shit done and then when he is needed, he went home. Whatever.

Off I go to sleepy-sleep!

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