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Catching up, continued...

Posted on LJ on January 3rd, 2008 at 11:01 PM

Christmas Eve/Day. My sweetie had to work Christmas Eve, but got out surprisingly early. Ironically, we could have had more time with the family in NJ, but had already gone and come back. Gas prices prevent even the thought of doing that twice in a week! He got home, I went out to get his final gift, and we had good old Macaroni & Cheese for dinner! We did our normal stuff and went to bed.

In the morning, he let me sleep in and was going to let me sleep in longer if I hadn't gotten up. I got up around 10:30 and came upstairs and had some cereal and we began the present opening. I felt a little inferior, as I do inescapably ever Christmas, thinking what I got him is not enough or not GOOD enough (his pile for me was bigger than my pile for him.) But I swallowed it best I could (I hope someday to overcome this evil curse...) and we exchanged and opened gifts. I had yummies in my stocking, "coal" popcorn (cocoa flavored), and the silicone case for my Sony MP3 player that I had ASKED for months ago. He had to remind me of this - for me, it was as if he got it for me unsolicited when I first opened it! Heh, my awful memory! I got a package of those yummy Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. I got a super fantastic calendar of my puppies that he made for me. I got a large sized picture of Storm (similar to the one of Rogue he gave me last year.) He gave me a weather center!! Squee! It has sensors you put outside - a wind gauge and another one that measures temp, barometer and other stuff. And the main unit communicates with those sensors wirelessly and the readout has a TON of information - the temperature, the humidity, the time and date, the cycle of the moon and you can even use it as an alarm clock! It is extremely cool! He gave me a CD I wanted as well. Woot!! I had gotten him a PSP game he wanted - Dungeons & Dragons-Tactics, which he has been playing since he got it. I also gave him some chocolates in his stocking and a 4 pack of those special holiday mocha-peppermint Frappucinos they had out. The best gift I gave him was glass shelves for his display cases. Let me explain...

We have these display cases we got for great prices at IKEA (on of our favorite places) and we installed lights in them and everything. But they only come with two glass shelves. EVERY TIME we visit IKEA, we check the "AS IS..." section of floor model, used, broken and piecemeal stuff for sale, but we have not found any shelves of that size at all. One day I was at this hardware store near my work and I was looking for pipe insulation (some of you know why...) and while I was there at the back counter, I saw someone get glass cut to order. Immediately, I knew what I was getting him for Christmas. Added bonus - they have double thickness glass! So I didn't have to get the single thickness like you would have in a picture frame, with things stacked on it. The glass that comes with the cases is tempered. I KNEW I would not be able to find that. But the double thick is just as good since we are not placing seriously heavy objects on them.

Anyway, he was excited and surprised! Both very good things, because he is hard to put one over on. Just a couple of weeks ago 'Battlestar Galactica: Razor' came out on DVD. So the day it comes out, he gets home and says he wants to go buy it. I immediately rolled my eyes (to myself) because damn if I did not just hear about it that week and think it would be a great Christmas present! Argh!

Well, anyway, we had a nice time giving each other stuff. :-)

We had a movie we hadn't watched - Mystic River (Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Laura Linney, Marcia Gay Harden, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne.) It is not a happy movie. This is the movie for which Sean Penn (deservedly!) finally won an Oscar for in 2003. So, we watched it, ate mexican appetizers and laid around all day, napping with puppies and watching TV after the movie was done. I called both brothers and my parents to see how their day had gone. Got some nice stories of gift opening and dinners and stuff.

That was about it. I was very, very lucky to get the entire week off from work. Off meaning they closed down for the week. I mean, it's not like the kids are there right now. But they don't always do it. Under the present president (say that five times fast!) the decision has been made for three years running now to give that week off to the entire Staff and Faculty. So I took full advantage of the time off to laze around and do a lot of TV watching - Damn you, Discovery Channel, and your 'Mythbusters' and 'Dirty Jobs' marathons! I had lots of quality time with my pups and with my sweetie as I was HOME when he got home, rather than an hour or more later.

Nothing else really to tell. The week was quiet and TV filled, the weekend was quiet and not as TV filled. I had Monday and Tuesday off, and my sweetie did not. So we did not go partying anywhere, but spent a quiet New Years Eve at home watching the ball drop on TV. I can't watch Dick Clark anymore because it makes me so sad. After he had the stroke 3+ years ago, he can't speak as well and he LOOKS so much older than he did just a couple of years ago. I feel so sad for him. But then I feel so happy for him that he has recovered as much as he has! Two years ago he could barely speak when he made his appearance on New Years Rockin' Eve. Last year he was better, but still not as good as now. It's just sad to see him getting old, when for years there was the running joke about the deals he must have made with the devil to stay looking exactly the same age year after year after year.

So, ball dropped, I watched until the wee hours. Fergie is a pretty good host. And she has some PIPES, man! I may not like everything she does, but I think she has one of the best voices out there right now.

That pretty much brings me current. I will be getting to the reflections and wishes for the new year over the next couple of days.


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