Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beads and corsets

Posted to my LJ on January 12th, 2008 at 9:33 PM

Louli came up this weekend and we had some stuff to do. 1) Go to Beadworks in Providence to get her some matching stuff so that she could use some of her beads; 2) See about finding a leather corset for her for EOS costuming. Mission #1 - sort of accomplished. She bought some beads, but all stuff that went with each other to make earrings. She didn't get more stuff to go with what she has since she has mostly red and black and has about 20 black and red pieces already. So, no more worrying about using up everything she has. :-) Mission #2 - Not accomplished, but leads were gathered. We went to a shop in Providence called Miko. An adult paraphernalia shop geared towards women. They had nothing in stock, but told us about a lovely little event at the convention center called the Fetish Flea Market. A nice lady named Kat told us that there would be several corset vendors there. We had a hell of a time while she was looking up that information. Some nice boys came into the shop and asked about a special order. There was a conversation about Spring Peepers and driving over them and how they eat each other for no apparent reason. There was discussion of furries and plushies and infant play fetishes. It was probably the most animated conversation I have ever had with a virtual stranger. And ironically, she is a former rennie, 17th and 18th Century re-enactor and knows a long time friend of mine. Heh.

Well, we got some website links and Lou is on the road to owning her very own corset and was able to get a line on replacement pvc pants as well. Woot!

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