Thursday, January 24, 2008

Score - Sleep: 1; Linda: 0

So trying to sleep off the mood has not worked. In fact, today I not only feel down and poopy, but irritated as well. I know I'm irritated when EVERY driver on the road is pissing me off. Not just the really stupid ones.

I get into work and an e-mail that was received at 7:30 last night is just now receiving attention from my oh-so-competent supervisor. Mind you, by his parking space, he was here EARLY today. So he has been here since probably about 8:00 am, but didn't bother taking this issue to follow up with the user until now. Isn't it nice how he leaves the work for when the "grunts" come in? Yeah, I like that too.

Today is gonna be AWESOME!

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