Sunday, January 06, 2008


Posted to LJ on January 6th, 2008 at 12:02 AM

My real score this Christmas was candles! My sweetie got me a bunch of candles. A box of scented votives, red, green and white. Three exotic scented pillar candles - Autumn Leaves, Maple Butter Crunch and one that has three scents - the top is Gingerbread, middle is Vanilla Bean and the bottom is Autumn Pear.

If I didn't think that was enough, we went on a surprise trip to the Yankee Candle HQ Store in West Deerfield, MA! Wooo! We walked around the whole place. It is one of their two annual HUGE sales, where everything is like half off! I got a dozen scented votives - Patchouli, Vanilla Oak, Sandalwood, Frankinscence and Myrrh and Fresh Cut Herbs. Mmmmmm!! The store was SO cool! Tons of neat stuff to look at and buy. They had a big display of windchimes, one of which was a really neat oriental style gong. Pretty and pretty sounding. Candles galore! The jar candles were half off, which is a great price! I pretty much only got the votives, but love them and I had a great time! It was a nice day trip and we hit Ruby Tuesday's on the way home. Yay!

So, there will be no complaining that I am out of candles for some time. :-)

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