Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review - in no particular order

Didn’t work until September
Lived without Health Insurance almost all year
Monthly visit to ob-gyn to ask for sample meds
Another year older - still no party
Tried unsuccessfully to stay on Weight Watchers
Got a cutie patootie puppy who’s name was Noble, but we changed (for obvious reasons)
Trained said puppy to do many things
Took many afternoon naps with puppy while not working
Registered with tech contractor agency and got a job with Brown in September that went from Temp to Perm
Developed my character more at lione
Didn’t develop much of a character at Radiant
Got back into beading (with larger beads)
Denver trip in May to hang out with family and sort through/claim grandfather’s estate items
Girl trip to Atlantic City in July
Disney trip in November with fiancé and brother
Met lovely girl from Kent at Disney and kept in touch with her
Helped yoga teacher deal with life and loss
Kept in touch with former co-worker friends
Helping a girlfriend deal with life and relationship
Suffered through Aug/Sept allergy season without prescription allergy meds – got sick at least once because of it
Painted bathroom and changed light fixtures
Lived through first major accident/injury of partner and helped him through it
Replaced outside light fixture
Had emotional issues
Got depressed (at least once)
Attended cousin's beautiful wedding - saw many family type people
Campaigned my father to choose to move near me when he retires in a year or two and my parents sell their house
Saw five or six places that I would consider opening a yoga studio (in my dreams)
Friend I have known for 33 years got married(!!) in St. John
Drank many Starbucks Chai Lattes
Rediscovered spaghetti with meat sauce as a quick, balanced dinner
Hosted a fun, if too short, Thanksgiving with my family
Missed going to the caroling party AGAIN, but didn't mind because I had a great time in CT with great friends
Received several wonderful paintings done by my grandfather, a fantastic photo collage from friends, and excellent Christmas gifts from my sweetie!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thoughts of the Day

Thought Number One. Listening to my new early christmas present Sony MP3 walkman (with 8GB of memory as opposed to my SanDisk Sensa MP3 player with 512MB of flash memory) this morning on the way to work. I have the entire catalog on shuffle, just for the hell of it.It's so very wrong, but also so very right that Tenacious D's 'Hard Fucking' comes on and then the Peanuts Theme comes right after that. Nine Inch Nails and Nicole Kidman singing something from Moulin Rouge. Ahhh, the shuffle love.

Thought Number Two. What the motherfucking hell is up with the price of GAS PEOPLE?!?!?! Two dollars and forty-nine fucking cents?! WTF?!?! I was hesitant to buy into the pre-election conspiracy theory sounding postulation on the price of gas going down because of the upcoming elections, that the president and other politicians had made some arrangement with Big Oil to lower the prices through Election Day because it would cause less angst against the Republican party. Blah blah, right?! HELL-TO-THE-NO!!! It is exactly 44 days since Election day and the price of gas has gone from just about $2.00 a gallon up to $2.49 in that period of time!!!!!! I am going to be like Stefan and get myself one of those snazzy bumperstickers with 1.20.09 on it. The sacred and holy date that is George Dubya Bush's last day in the White House!

Thought Number Three. How much faster I can drive through the East Side of Providence without all the teeming college students ready to bounce off my hood just because I kept going when there was no goddamned crosswalk or stop sign people! I know I should not be surprised, but the college students just have no regard for anyone but themselves when they are out and about. They walk blithely across the street, not caring if there is a car coming becuase, hey, they are on campus and everyone should stop (mind you it is NOT state law if there is no crosswalk painted on the street...) And the bicycles!! Oh my criminy! You and I both know that when you ride a bike, you follow the rules of the road. Stop signs, stop lights, yielding, etc. NOPE! Not these crazy folk! They just ride through the light, crossing traffic's path, no regard to whether the car speeding through the light may just stop for them or not. It's amazing there has not been a bike accident with serious or fatal injuries.

Thought Number Four. Some much needed girl time this evening with rarely seen girlfriends.

Thought Number Five. My sweetie called me on my way to work to apologize because he was cranky with me this morning and he didn't want me to be grumpy Linda all day. Yay!

Those are my thoughts. At least for the moment. That, and I am c-c-cold! Cranking up the space heater!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

Although I understand this mentality, why do people insist on using their work computer like their home computer. Loading pictures and music and downloading neat little tools to make your computer use easier and better....these are things to do AT HOME PEOPLE!!! If you spend your time loading up your computer with crap, it means that I should be telling your boss you have too much fucking time on your hands and need to be given more work!

Bring in a radio! Tack up a few photos! How hard is that to do?! Why do you need every picture you have ever taken scrolling across your screen in a CPU devouring collage with fancy swipes and fades?! You are supposed to be WORKING! Why do you need to connect your iPOD at work and upload your entire music collection to your work computer!? Do you really need to purchase more music while you are here at work? Can't you wait the 8 hours to get home and buy it then??

Why do you need to have your entire home e-mail address portfolio on your work computer? Do you need to send out that cute little story about the teacher who saved the student's work from 35 years ago when you should be preparing a report for the meeting you have at 2:00 pm? How is it that I should be protecting your computer from downloading Spyware, Adware and Viruses, but you have no responsibility in keeping your websearches pertinent to your work as a(n) (architect/planner/project manager/accountant/trades manager)?!

And what fucking right do you have to COMPLAIN when I shut down your access after you have completely destroyed a computer with spyware once and then infected a FILE SERVER with a Virus from your workstation?? NONE my friend....NONE whatsoever!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This guy is my hero!

I love this guy! This totally fucking ROCKS!!!

Read about the CEO of Craigslist!

I hope I don't have to explain what Craigslist is to anyone reading this. I had to explain it to my parents.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Mondays...

This weekend was a LARP event. Which means staying up until 3:00 am and getting up at 9:00 am, walking the Ho Chi Minh trail a gabillion times and endless recycles.

So I get up like normal after going to sleep at (a mercifully early) 10:00 pm. I get something to eat and head into work and stop at the Starbucks in Providence. Walk up to the counter and order my regular large Chai Latte. And then stand in stunned silence as they tell me they are OUT OF CHAI!!! They will be getting more tomorrow.

Of all days to be out of my precious lifeblood. The Monday after a LARP event.
I am "roughing it" with Earl Grey, but it is still giving me just what I need...precious caffeine!

Just had to share. Anyone else having a case of the Mondays?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

this post is about ME ME ME

So I am doing things with my significant other this weekend and we are driving around and he starts rattling off things we need to do for Christmas. Preparations, plans, etc. Shopping for the nieces and nephews, shopping for our designated family members, cookie picking and baking, and when he is mentioning the present shopping, he mentions "well, shopping for your presents is taken care of", and moves on to the next item. Monday (his day off) he calls me asking if there is scotch tape anywhere because he needs it and, oh, by the way, we need to buy wrapping paper (he is obviously wrapping a present for me.)

He isn't mentioning these things to taunt me or tease me. He likes getting presents for me and likes sharing with me that he enjoys getting presents for me. He never mentions this stuff in a taunting way, in a way that requires some response from me, or anything like that.

But I hate hate hate when he mentions my presents at all. When he talks about them, talks about having gotten them already, when he gets me something mid year and mentions something off hand a while later about having found a great christmas present for me. It just gets under my skin and makes me want to scream. I told him this the other day when we were leaving IKEA and walking back to the car. It doesn't make rational sense to me. But it's how I feel. I just can't figure out WHY.

WHY should it bother me that he talks about having gotten me something or that he is wrapping it or talking about present opening as part of our Christmas plans???? This makes no sense! I LOVE getting presents. I do! I am not one of those weird psycho people who hates getting gifts. But I just don't like when he TALKS about it. I feel like if I get someone a present, I am not going to mention it until it's present-giving-time. But I know his intention is not to taunt or tease me. He doesn't say it like that, or mean it like that, he gets apologetic when I say that the mention makes me uncomfortable. But I just think it makes no sense.

Anyone have any ideas on what the hell is up with me?? I may be too involved with this issue at the moment to be able to see what screwed up thing about me is setting off the bells and whistles here.

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