Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review - in no particular order

Didn’t work until September
Lived without Health Insurance almost all year
Monthly visit to ob-gyn to ask for sample meds
Another year older - still no party
Tried unsuccessfully to stay on Weight Watchers
Got a cutie patootie puppy who’s name was Noble, but we changed (for obvious reasons)
Trained said puppy to do many things
Took many afternoon naps with puppy while not working
Registered with tech contractor agency and got a job with Brown in September that went from Temp to Perm
Developed my character more at lione
Didn’t develop much of a character at Radiant
Got back into beading (with larger beads)
Denver trip in May to hang out with family and sort through/claim grandfather’s estate items
Girl trip to Atlantic City in July
Disney trip in November with fiancé and brother
Met lovely girl from Kent at Disney and kept in touch with her
Helped yoga teacher deal with life and loss
Kept in touch with former co-worker friends
Helping a girlfriend deal with life and relationship
Suffered through Aug/Sept allergy season without prescription allergy meds – got sick at least once because of it
Painted bathroom and changed light fixtures
Lived through first major accident/injury of partner and helped him through it
Replaced outside light fixture
Had emotional issues
Got depressed (at least once)
Attended cousin's beautiful wedding - saw many family type people
Campaigned my father to choose to move near me when he retires in a year or two and my parents sell their house
Saw five or six places that I would consider opening a yoga studio (in my dreams)
Friend I have known for 33 years got married(!!) in St. John
Drank many Starbucks Chai Lattes
Rediscovered spaghetti with meat sauce as a quick, balanced dinner
Hosted a fun, if too short, Thanksgiving with my family
Missed going to the caroling party AGAIN, but didn't mind because I had a great time in CT with great friends
Received several wonderful paintings done by my grandfather, a fantastic photo collage from friends, and excellent Christmas gifts from my sweetie!

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Ben said...

Awfully organized of you to put all of your 2006 into a list. Is organization something new you are trying for 2007? ;-)

I hope your holidays and New Years kicked ass!