Wednesday, December 06, 2006

this post is about ME ME ME

So I am doing things with my significant other this weekend and we are driving around and he starts rattling off things we need to do for Christmas. Preparations, plans, etc. Shopping for the nieces and nephews, shopping for our designated family members, cookie picking and baking, and when he is mentioning the present shopping, he mentions "well, shopping for your presents is taken care of", and moves on to the next item. Monday (his day off) he calls me asking if there is scotch tape anywhere because he needs it and, oh, by the way, we need to buy wrapping paper (he is obviously wrapping a present for me.)

He isn't mentioning these things to taunt me or tease me. He likes getting presents for me and likes sharing with me that he enjoys getting presents for me. He never mentions this stuff in a taunting way, in a way that requires some response from me, or anything like that.

But I hate hate hate when he mentions my presents at all. When he talks about them, talks about having gotten them already, when he gets me something mid year and mentions something off hand a while later about having found a great christmas present for me. It just gets under my skin and makes me want to scream. I told him this the other day when we were leaving IKEA and walking back to the car. It doesn't make rational sense to me. But it's how I feel. I just can't figure out WHY.

WHY should it bother me that he talks about having gotten me something or that he is wrapping it or talking about present opening as part of our Christmas plans???? This makes no sense! I LOVE getting presents. I do! I am not one of those weird psycho people who hates getting gifts. But I just don't like when he TALKS about it. I feel like if I get someone a present, I am not going to mention it until it's present-giving-time. But I know his intention is not to taunt or tease me. He doesn't say it like that, or mean it like that, he gets apologetic when I say that the mention makes me uncomfortable. But I just think it makes no sense.

Anyone have any ideas on what the hell is up with me?? I may be too involved with this issue at the moment to be able to see what screwed up thing about me is setting off the bells and whistles here.

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