Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

Although I understand this mentality, why do people insist on using their work computer like their home computer. Loading pictures and music and downloading neat little tools to make your computer use easier and better....these are things to do AT HOME PEOPLE!!! If you spend your time loading up your computer with crap, it means that I should be telling your boss you have too much fucking time on your hands and need to be given more work!

Bring in a radio! Tack up a few photos! How hard is that to do?! Why do you need every picture you have ever taken scrolling across your screen in a CPU devouring collage with fancy swipes and fades?! You are supposed to be WORKING! Why do you need to connect your iPOD at work and upload your entire music collection to your work computer!? Do you really need to purchase more music while you are here at work? Can't you wait the 8 hours to get home and buy it then??

Why do you need to have your entire home e-mail address portfolio on your work computer? Do you need to send out that cute little story about the teacher who saved the student's work from 35 years ago when you should be preparing a report for the meeting you have at 2:00 pm? How is it that I should be protecting your computer from downloading Spyware, Adware and Viruses, but you have no responsibility in keeping your websearches pertinent to your work as a(n) (architect/planner/project manager/accountant/trades manager)?!

And what fucking right do you have to COMPLAIN when I shut down your access after you have completely destroyed a computer with spyware once and then infected a FILE SERVER with a Virus from your workstation?? NONE my friend....NONE whatsoever!

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