Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thoughts of the Day

Thought Number One. Listening to my new early christmas present Sony MP3 walkman (with 8GB of memory as opposed to my SanDisk Sensa MP3 player with 512MB of flash memory) this morning on the way to work. I have the entire catalog on shuffle, just for the hell of it.It's so very wrong, but also so very right that Tenacious D's 'Hard Fucking' comes on and then the Peanuts Theme comes right after that. Nine Inch Nails and Nicole Kidman singing something from Moulin Rouge. Ahhh, the shuffle love.

Thought Number Two. What the motherfucking hell is up with the price of GAS PEOPLE?!?!?! Two dollars and forty-nine fucking cents?! WTF?!?! I was hesitant to buy into the pre-election conspiracy theory sounding postulation on the price of gas going down because of the upcoming elections, that the president and other politicians had made some arrangement with Big Oil to lower the prices through Election Day because it would cause less angst against the Republican party. Blah blah, right?! HELL-TO-THE-NO!!! It is exactly 44 days since Election day and the price of gas has gone from just about $2.00 a gallon up to $2.49 in that period of time!!!!!! I am going to be like Stefan and get myself one of those snazzy bumperstickers with 1.20.09 on it. The sacred and holy date that is George Dubya Bush's last day in the White House!

Thought Number Three. How much faster I can drive through the East Side of Providence without all the teeming college students ready to bounce off my hood just because I kept going when there was no goddamned crosswalk or stop sign people! I know I should not be surprised, but the college students just have no regard for anyone but themselves when they are out and about. They walk blithely across the street, not caring if there is a car coming becuase, hey, they are on campus and everyone should stop (mind you it is NOT state law if there is no crosswalk painted on the street...) And the bicycles!! Oh my criminy! You and I both know that when you ride a bike, you follow the rules of the road. Stop signs, stop lights, yielding, etc. NOPE! Not these crazy folk! They just ride through the light, crossing traffic's path, no regard to whether the car speeding through the light may just stop for them or not. It's amazing there has not been a bike accident with serious or fatal injuries.

Thought Number Four. Some much needed girl time this evening with rarely seen girlfriends.

Thought Number Five. My sweetie called me on my way to work to apologize because he was cranky with me this morning and he didn't want me to be grumpy Linda all day. Yay!

Those are my thoughts. At least for the moment. That, and I am c-c-cold! Cranking up the space heater!

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