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New Year - New Post

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Happy blah blah!

I haven't been on in a while. A stark contrast from November when I was participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.) I don't think I got burnt out, I just slacked off. work became more of a pain in the ass and so I slacked.

This is something I want to change. I am participating in Blog365, which is a group of folks that are trying to extend NaBloPoMo to a full year.
Info here. In the meantime, I have some catchup to do.

So...past few weeks...

Friday Dec 14th - I had a date with my girlies in Boston that turned into my own personal hell. Having just come off the snowstorm the day before that caused monumental driving delays in RI, CT and MA (it took me THREE HOURS to drive home from work - a FIFTEEN mile drive) I hit traffic when I left work on the way to Boston. It was smooth sailing from Providence to the 93/95 split when it screeched to a crawl. I didn't get over about 30 miles an hour all the way into Boston. Then when I got there, there was no parking anywhere. So I parked in a $25 dollar lot just because I needed to goddamn park. I was extremely late (the ladies had gotten to the restaurant where we met around 5:00 pm) and extremely cranky by the time I got there. I knew I was late and was ready to forgo eating because of it. Thankfully, my fantastic, wonderful, tolerant, beautiful, merciful friends insisted that I eat (and tolerated my crankiness the whole night.) I did and that probably saved me from leaving before the first half. We went to see Mamma Mia. It was interesting. Fun - yes. Weird - DEFINITELY! For whatever reason, I thought it was a musical about Abba. I knew it had the Abba songs, so I just assumed it was ABOUT Abba. I never thought twice that the posters had a chick in a wedding dress on them. Duh. Well, it was a love story about a wedding and a mom and her past loves. It was clever and most of the performers were really good. The lead adult guy was kind of schmaltzy. But then again, he was singing Abba songs. And I have one last thing to say about this. TERRIFYING CODPIECE!!! (Sorry, Anya, that ain't a dance belt!)

December 15th - FINALLY got to attend the annual Christmas party thrown by Kara, Ben, Gene and Shell!! Woooooo! It was a LOT of fun! It was at Gene and Shell's house, which is the house he grew up in actually. Their house is nice and I liked it a lot! Lots of great food, my first sampling of Wassail (YUM!) and caroling around the neighborhood (so what if only one house had people awake?!?!) Had a significantly better time than the night before, not for want of good company either night, I might add!!

December 20th - My sweetie and I went to see A Christmas Carol at Trinity Repertory Company - something we have never done. It was nice. Some of the acting was somewhat amateurish (spoken by me, not a professional actor.) But that's just me being a theatre snob. :-) The singing was all very good, nice songs that I think they wrote for the play. Apparently they put a different spin on it every year, while keeping it period and traditional. Some of the accents were overdone which made them hard to understand. I would rather people with bad British accents just speak without one and enunciate well (case in point Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.) It's amazing how much precise enunciation can SOUND like a British accent sometimes. Anyway, it was fun and we were able to get a great parking spot, despite the fact that it was the same night as Hannah Montana! If you are not aware, this is the biggest phenomenon since Britney first came out. Tickets were going on eBay for several hundred dollars because they were sold out everywhere. This is the same show for which a little girl and her mother
made up a fake story about her father dying in Iraq to win tickets. Anyway, we had a nice time.

December 22nd - After my bake-fest (a day and a half, solid, of baking) we began the Christmas trip to NJ by driving to Fishkill, NY, to attend, at least for a short time, the annual Christmas get together of some friends from Lione. We got there to some shocked faces, some not so shocked. We could only really stay an hour. We got there at 10:30 and left at 11:30. We still had almost a two hour drive to my brother's house. We had a nice time, got some grab bag gifts and some (WOOT!) Starbucks gift cards from Louli-rabbit (did I mention WOOT!), did some chatting and then had to leave. We finally got to see Greg's bar, which was cool. For whatever reason, we both thought it would be bigger. But it was pretty cool, nonetheless. It's pretty neat to know someone who owns a bar! If only it were closer...

Got to NJ and my sister-in-law was up with the baby, who was on a nursing strike and also refusing to sleep. She went off to bed pretty quick, as did we. Got up the next morning to my niece and nephew making happy noises downstairs as he chased her around. My parents got there a short time later and we hung out, I made some french toast when someone said something about breakfast, which it turned out everyone had already eaten. It got eaten anyway and then we exchanged gifts with my parents. In our annual grab bag (for the adults - kids all get gifts) my dad had picked me. He got me a fantastic bowl off of eBay. It is enameled metal and made by a company named Finel. The same company made a bowl that has been in my parents house since they got married (40 years ago this past year!) We used this red bowl just about every night for dinner. For Macaroni & Cheese, for pasta, for anything. I always liked the bowl and I am sure I mentioned something about it to my parents a while ago. So my dad found one like it online and got it for me. Very cool! My parents also gave me the messenger bag I had really wanted (but was sure I would not get, kind of pricey.) Rock! I also got A towel. One. I had put on my wish list that I wanted some Bath Sheet type towels. The REALLY BIG ones. I put down four (4) thinking that my sweetie and I would each have one and one for the laundry. Two would have been great, because we would each have one. But my mother got I shall say no more about that. I think it speaks for itself. My sis-in-law got me a funnel cake kit. Mmmmmm!!

We left our gifts for my niece and nephews and my sweetie left his for my sis-in-law, whom he had picked. My sweetie also got a gift card for my mother in a cool gift card presenter thingy. You slide the gift card inside, and when they press the button, it pops out the side and plays a little "da da da da daaaaahhh" music fanfare. Totally my mother. And, as if there were any doubt, she clicked the button like 10 times immediately after receiving it. Heh.

We headed home Sunday night because my sweetie had to work Christmas Eve.

Continued tomorrow...

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