Thursday, November 29, 2007

More fun...

I am a Help Desk IT Tech. My job description includes Desktop computer support of all types - Operating System, Application/Program Support, Network issues, Hardware issues - you name it and if it happens to a computer, I resolve it. I have been at this job for a year and have been providing technical level customer support for almost ten years.

As a side note, no, I do not have a degree or certifications (yet.) But in every office job I have held, I have ALWAYS become the "go-to" person for the computer. How do I print this, how do I use my e-mail, how do I change this setting, how do I make this program do this random thing. I help my friends and family with their computers (except my dad and brothers, who are also tech geek folks.)

Next week we are migrating our Exchange e-mail server to the Main I.T. Dept e-mail server. So we have to help our users clean out their e-mail boxes and archive stuff so the mailboxes are as small as possible for the migration.

So, I get an e-mail today from boss guy saying that the e-mail "guru" from the Main I.T. Department "has graciously agreed to review the email archiving features of Outlook with us (the IT staff) so we will be prepared for our information sessions next week."

I nearly fell off my chair. I was so insulted that my boss actually thought I needed a refresher course, in E-mail management and archiving. And I was offended for my co-worker because he is quite knowledgeable as well. I sat with my head in my hands for several minutes and then decided I needed to try and say something about it.

So I wrote back, "Do you really think this is necessary? I mean, this is something (my co-worker) and I do every day with people. I have a thorough understanding of using archiving and personal folder files (.pst files). Just asking." Mind you, I ACCEPTED the meeting request, even though I did not agree it was even necessary.

So I get back, "I believe there are multiple ways to achieve the same results, so Id like to use this session to understand each method and to collectively select one method that we can all use. In addition, he will review the utility that copies archives from the local drive to the network so we can decide if we want to implement this feature."

The utility review was actually going to be helpful, but he didn't bother to mention that the first time around.

So, in essence, this is what he was saying to me:
"I don't care if you think you know about archiving. I don't and since I have never asked you to provide me with a full explanation of archiving, I don't believe you know what you think you know about it. The Main I.T. Dept is god, so we should learn from them. Plus I don't know anything about it, so I am hiding behind you guys to learn from someone professional instead of asking my underlings to teach me something. Plus we will actually learn something that we need to know (archive copy to network for backing up), which I failed to mention in the meeting request. Thanks for remaining the peon that you are, Boss Guy."

Yeah, banner week for me here at work.

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