Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This place is so stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.
We have a help desk e-mail account. It is shared. We do not get that e-mail on our handy little blackberries. New SysAdmin says, when asked about Thanksgiving coverage, that he would rather that users send in an e-mail and then call him if he does not respond within 15 minutes. FUCKING DUH YOU ASS HEAD. We wouldn't SEE the e-mail since it doesn't COME to our BLACKBERRIES, unless you plan on sitting in front of your computer for 4 days monitoring the Help Desk e-mail, because I ain't unless I get PAID! It's called coverage for a reason, because there's someone to CALL in case of emergencies.

I am a quick learner. Show me something once, maybe twice, especially with computers, and I get it. Done, snap, I'm all over it. That's what makes me good at what I do. I have quick comprehension of what's going on, I problem solve through logical process of elimination, and I find a resolution by whatever means I need to. Help Desk, PC, network, application and server support. It's what I do! This fucking guy is like molasses. He stares at event logs that are 2 lines long for like 5 minutes. Like some magical solution is going to pop out at you the longer you stare at it. He looks at the running processes and then looks at them again a different way. What are you DOING?!?!?!

It's sad and frustrating when I know more than my boss and I could do his job better than him.

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