Sunday, November 11, 2007

Uncasville, baby!

I got up earlier than I do during the week to go meet Buffy and Anya at Mohegan Sun yesterday. A girls day of brunch and gambling (well, WATCHING gambling for me.) I was surprised that Faith was not there, but she was doing something else more important than spending money she didn't have.

So I got there, the place is huge! I walked through two casinos to get to the Casino of the Sky, which was where the ladies were playing some Spanish 21. We went to get some yummy brunch and then headed back to the floor. They played some more and then we hit the craps tables for a little while. Then the most fun part of the day started. We went to a different Spanish 21 table with a female dealer and a little oriental lady. Shortly after Buffy and Anya joined the action, two black ladies also joined. One of them was Bonnie. Loud and lively Bonnie. Things definitely became more exciting after she came. At one point she got two pink chips on a hand and proceeded to place them strategically on each of her...attributes, and celebrate that she got them. She got to cut the deck at one point and rubbed the cut card all over herself first to give it good mojo. The poor dealer, now Mike, just stood there waiting for her to be done and cut the deck. She was a hoot though, throwing a bunch of $5 chips Buffy's way to match the dealer's up card. Between her and the little oriental lady getting a suited dealer match at least 5 times, it was a whole lot of fun to watch.

All in all, a nice day out with the girls!!! Thanks Anya!!

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