Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching up

It's been a couple of days, I know. I totally did NOT make NaBloPoMo. I missed 4 days now. Not in a row, but still. But let's not count our chicks yet.

Turkey day was yummy and good times. Spent with sister-in-law's family, my brother, my parents and my sweetie. Friday was the annual trek by my sweetie and my sis-in-law out into the Black Friday ridiculously early morning madness. They had a good time, as usual. There was talk of someone among us going and waiting outside Best Buy at midnight to try and get a good spot in line for a $200 computer or a $400 laptop, but that never happened.

My nephew is getting bigger by the minute it seems. He is a cutie for sure though. Very smiley and responsive for 3 months old!

And on the way home we stopped in CT for a special girl's birthday party at Molly Darcy's in Danbury. It was great fun, as usual. Part of the funny was that homestarwannab just turned 21, and made the HUGE mistake of challenging a friend of ours that just cannot be matched for alcohol consumption. We headed home at about 18 shots. We actually haven't heard from him yet, so we are wondering how he fared the rest of the night. I am betting he had THE hangover of his life the next day. Or maybe today, that's how much he was drinking!

Sunday was quiet. Today was back to work - yuk. I hope the week flies by. I am already tired of work!

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