Monday, November 12, 2007


You gotta love it when you come to work, all worried that you should get there on time, only to find that not only is the Director out on a vacation day, but the new SysAdmin is also out of the office today. Our guess was that SysAdmin thought it was a vacation day and just didn't even think to come in. I really hope that is the case - it would be nice to see him squirm a little. We did not have Veteran's Day off. Apparently a few years ago, the non-union employees made a deal that we get the day after Thanksgiving off and trade off Veteran's day, which the Union shops have off. Nice trade, I like it.

Murphy's Law dictated that since BOTH bosses were out, we would have some huge problem, which we did. A whole block of 5 servers went down over the weekend. Seemingly a power interruption, since they were all on the same UPS. But the Electrical division has denied that so far. We shall see. The UPS was suspect, meaning we were not sure it would support all 5 servers for any length of time. But I don't believe a UPS failing would actually cause those servers to lose power. That is the one variable I have to look into. So anyway, our FTP service, a database server, printing in the whole building and an inventory ordering system were all down due to this outage. Yeah! So we scrambled to get it all up and running and had to also troubleshoot another seemingly unrelated problem. Coincidence? I think not.

So, that was my day. Then when everything was back up and running, it was totally dead the rest of the day. Which was just fine by me. I could screw off a little and there was no boss to breathe down my neck. I looked through the software box and tried to make a software binder that made sense. We shall see if that worked.

That's it for me today. Just more fuel for the work frustration. :-)

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