Sunday, January 27, 2008

sore and tired

Went to EOS for the first time and had a great time! I had plot and backstory and everything, it was very cool actually. I will have to thank Angel for that.

Despite being damned tired and thinking I could not trudge another step through the deep powdery snow, I did okay and did not die. Heh. Kidding. Sort of. Anyway, not important. My character was interesting and neat to play, I got to meet most of the people in my throne and quite a few others. There was intrigue and cool stuff.

And a murder mystery to boot. I have to admit, when it happened it was a teensy bit cheesy. But then, it's larping, which is mucho geeky. So I think a little cheese is acceptable.

Anyway, I have some ideas for costume and accessories and I hope to be able to make some stuff for the game before I play again. Pants are a MUST, the skirt thing is not going to cut it. Not for adventuring and not for the concept either.

Anyway, today has been a day of napping and resting. Time to go to bed so I can deal with work tomorrow. Grumble.

Had fun! YAY!!

Thank you to my sweetie and my best friend for helping me go this weekend!

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