Monday, March 10, 2008

Yeah. This makes me happy.

Guess what we are drinking along with our 8 daily 8oz. glasses of water?

DRUGS!!! Woo!

Not the "fun", get-you-high-as-a-kite kind. Nope. We are getting tiny doses of anti-convulsants, mood stablilizers, antibiotics, cholesterol and heart medications. Of course, there is no *IMMEDIATE* danger from all of this. So don't worry, be happy.

However, obviously long term studies on this have not been done. Mainly because they only recently got a clue to test our drinking water for things like this. But the short term lab tests indicate kidney development issues, breast cancer effects, etc. Read the article. It's there.

And guess what? Not only does drinking bottled water cost a lot of money and create more landfill waste, but the drug traces could be in that special bottled water too!! Woot!

Am I supposed to love my government for this? F-D-A = FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. It's their job to find things like this and stop them from happening or remedy the situation to prevent the American people from harm. Yeah, I'm an idealist. I would like my government to do what they say they are going to do.

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