Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The weather, that is. Today was, by far, the warmest day since the end of Autumn. Yay! Today it definitely felt like spring was breaking through.

And then it began to rain. Oh well. But it's still very mild out. Gonna get cold again tomorrow night again. C'mon spring!!!

So...I am now on Facebook. I was on it for all of an hour today maybe. I already LOVE it one-hundred-billion times more than MySpace, which sucks giant ass. MySpace has a million ads, it is confusing, non-intuitive, poorly organized and, to top it all off, UGLY (if you don't know CSS and have the ability/time/interest to design your own custom page.) Plus, I believe MySpace has adware or spyware for some of their advertisers. They suck. Facebook wins! I will probably keep my MySpace login; it already directs people away from there to my LJ or Blogger page. I state right there on my page that I don't use it.

The WAY I got on facebook is that my old friend Lars is on there and invited my friend Heather. She invited me and now I have 5 friends on there already: Lars, Heather, Nick, my niece and an old lione friend. I am going to tell anyone I know on MySpace to get themselves a Facebook login and drop MySpace. Woo!

Now, I shall settle in to watch some American Idol!! Guilty pleasure! Love this show!

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