Monday, March 03, 2008

Cake and a card at work!

I got cake!!! C-A-K-E!!!!!

I am so happy! It totally, entirely, completely made my damn day!! I was not even thinking about it. My co-worker wished me HB in an e-mail over the weekend and I thought it was nice of him to remember. And then I was down working on someone's computer and she came upstairs with me "to talk to my co-worker about something" and, blam, there was my cake!! YAY!!!

And my co-worker went around to almost everyone here and got them to sign a card for me too. How damned awesome is that! After the shit I have had going on, it was really, really nice to have a little unsolicited positive attention from an unexpected place.

Last night we went to Chili's for my birthday dinner out. Nice big Margarita, sampler appetizer platter, then shrimp and chicken fajitas (Mmmmmm) and for dessert, we split a molten chocolate cake thingy. Super yum! I was so stuffed! I have not eaten like that in a very long time (and don't freak, it will not become a habit!) It was a nice treat!

Then we rented 'Michael Clayton'. Whoo. INTENSE movie! LOVED it. I didn't realize what it was about before. I thought it was a political story or a spy thing. Nope. George Clooney was fantastic. So was Tom Wilkinson, who I love. Everyone was good in it. And lots of actors I like (Tilda Swinton, Sydney Pollack). I highly recommend it.

Had a nice day yesterday and a nice day today. Woo for me!

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