Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A few updates on stuff:

Reducing dosage of meds to wean off them is not fun. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea - these are just a few of the fun symptoms. Oh yeah, and falling asleep at my desk. That's fun too.

Spring is TOMORROW, people! Let's stop now with the freezing rain and the 30 degrees, shall we?

Drama. Dra-mah!

Dogs get pissed off too.

I still work for someone who knows less than I do. Yesterday I told him how to install Windows Updates on a Terminal Server. Granted, we had the Auto Update Service disabled. But all I did was follow the instructions on the Windows Update page when it would not load my updates. It told me to set the service to Auto and Start it. So I did. Lo and behold - it worked. He did not do this. He thought he would have to make some group policy or some complicated crap like that. Apparently he has never heard of Ockham's Razor.

Someday I will own a tiny little kitten and name it "Nugget". Or maybe I will name my next dog that name instead. Either way, it's a painfully cute name.

Heather Mills is certifiably insane.

My co-worker is going to incite homicidal rage in me if he keeps listening to the John Denver/Gordon Lightfoot/Edelweiss/Ave Maria/Don't Cry For Me Argentina streaming radio channel.

Xander has one of those lives you just can't make up. Between delivery truck accidents, psycho girlfriends and being kicked to the curb while visiting a friend - it's really book material! He should write a book!

I would like to take a nap right now, under my desk. Just an hour, that's all I need...

Freecycle is a great concept, but I think too many people use it as their personal yard sale to get rid of CRAP, not give away perfectly good usable stuff because they no longer need it.

I missed a day on here. I need to stop missing days and just post every damn day!

I can't think of anymore updates presently.

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