Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I haz new washing machine!!!

Posted to my LJ on March 03, 2008, 10:57 pm

(Only about half of you will get that title, but that's okay, it made ma laugh!)

Glory be to the gods, I have a new washing machine!!! I cannot put into words how overjoyed and giddy I am that there is a working washer of clothing in my own house! I have been without one since the beginning of January and I think I did okay resigning myself to hitting the laundromat once a week with the essentials that had to be washed. It was when the puppies got sick a couple of weeks ago that I pretty much gave up. I did one more load of clothes and had "planned" to take two separate loads of linens and blankets to get done. But I just hate the laundromat so very much that I procrastinated and just never did it. And then Friday when I would have gone to the laundromat to do another load, I just didn't go. Not Saturday or Sunday either. But by Friday, I knew we were getting the washer because the taxes had come in. So I really had no reason to spend that 10 bucks on washloads when I knew I could do it at home in just a few short days.

Weeehooooooo!!!! I must share the sexyness that is my new washer!!

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