Sunday, February 03, 2008

Two words - PUPPY BOWL!!

Okay, so I am a geek. We all know this. But I am also a dog lover. I think the best programming addition in the past few years is Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, which starts at 3:00 pm on Superbowl Sunday and goes until 3:00 am. Well, they keep replaying it all day; it's 3 hours long. What is the Puppy Bowl, you ask? It is three hours of puppies playing in a mini football stadium complete with toys, waterbowl cam, instant replays, puppy substitutions, sparse commentary and Kitten Halftime!!

Yeah, yeah, we're gonna watch the actual Superbowl. But this is, by far, my favorite part of today. It's sickeningly cute, totally saccharine, mindless adorable TV. I totally love it! It makes me giggle and smile and exclaim stuff about different puppies to my sweetie, who is decidedly NOT watching it.

Good stuff!

p.s. You can buy it on DVD! Heh.

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