Monday, February 04, 2008!

I have days where I can tolerate my manager guy okay. He fuddles through the day and doesn't say much while he pokes around the network looking for stuff to fuck up.

Then there are days like today.

Today, while reviewing my time sheet, he asked me if they are supposed to pay me if I work over a certain number of hours PER DAY, or was it PER WEEK. He didn't ask PAYROLL, which is literally on the other side of my cubicle. He asked me.

Today in our weekly meeting he said that he set the calendar for requesting a laptop to AUTO-ACCEPT meeting requests. Because we have enough laptops to put one in every conference room (and 2 extra) he felt that my co-worker and I didn't need to look at and accept the meeting requests for laptops. He didn't ASK US...he just assumed.

Today, I discovered that a printer has been renamed on a print server. This is not a big deal except that everyone that uses that printer now has to delete the old one and re-add it to their printers. We have the typical gamut of users - very competent to totally inept. Of course, the ones that primarily use this printer are totally inept. So they FREAKED OUT when they could not print. I am positive it was manager guy. And he didn't bother to TELL ANYONE. I assume from the name change that he named it something that he finds easier.

We have an issue here that is taking WAY too long to resolve and needs escalation from a manager to get cooperation from the main IT department on it. So he ASKS ME what I think we should do next.

What the goddamn fuck?!

Why do I work FOR this guy?! Why do I make LESS MONEY than he does?!

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