Friday, February 29, 2008


SysAdmin guy manages to screw up everything he touches. A simple remote access program that we use to log in from home. It's simple. I have installed and configured it at least 40 times since I have been here. He installs it on his PC and it is totally screwed up.

Seriously. I don't know what his problem is! I literally fix stuff that he messes up EVERY DAY. Little things like this, usually not catastrophic things. But he occassionally screws up things that are serious and affect, oh, everyone in the building.

I wishwishwishwishwishwish I could do something about him. But he is entering his 5th month here (probation lasts for 6 months) and I am positive he is not going anywhere. Boss guy likes him and doesn't know enough technically to know how sub-standard this guy really is.

We have had no less than three meetings where we have discussed things that we have to discuss. The same list of things. Three times. We talk about the list and say that we have to prioritize the list so that we can start tackling the projects. We have done it in three separate meetings. I feel like I am insane in these meetings. But hey, I'm not the boss. I have chosen a few of the projects and will do some legwork on them and suddenly have it prepared at a meeting soon. So I am doing my part to be impressive and proactive. But I just don't understand how this shit flies day after day. It's not even a private corp!

It's stunning, what a screw up this guy is.

EDIT: My co-worker and I have decided that he "got hit by the stupid stick" this morning. There are some days when he is dumber than others and I am so happy that I am not the only one to think so!

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