Friday, February 22, 2008

Half day for me - woot!

I had already planned to leave work early if the snow actually picked up the way the news said it would. Well, it did and the city was telling employers to let non-essential personnel leave work. And there was a parking ban as of 12:00 noon in the city, so Brown sent out an e-mail to all staff and faculty that people could go home. I left at 1:00 pm and got home in a reasonable time, no traffic or anything. Fortunately, the way I traveled I didn't hit any accidents either. The roads weren't great, but I got home fine.

It was pretty cool for a change to have something to be happy about related to work. No stress, no pressure, just being allowed to go home. Yay!

So I came home and went to the store with my sweetie for weekly food shopping. After that, I took a nice nap with my puppies in the warm bed. Mmmmmm.

There was a possibilty of dinner with friends, but of course, the snow got in the way of that. No problem. A nice night vegging out at home was definitely satisfactory after this week. :-)

Anyway, hitting the sack now.

EDIT: Just took the dogs out for the final time tonight. This is the WORST kind of weather! YUCK! Started this morning as light fluffy snow and then stopped and then picked up again around noon as more fluffy snow, but LOTS of it. Got home and was able to shovel simply by pushing it with the shovel, it was so fluffy. Got out of the supermarket and it was freezing rain. I think it has been doing that since then. So now all the snow is still there, but it is all crusted over with ice. And everything else is covered in a layer of ice. GREAT! YUK!

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