Sunday, February 24, 2008

Prissiest dog ever!

The pooch pictured below is, without question, the prissiest dog in history. Yesterday it snowed and then freezing rain fell on the snow for another several hours. So there is this nice white covering everywhere, but it is crusted over so that when you walk on it, it breaks and crunches loudly.

So we go out to get the mail. It's nasty out, so I am thinking I will spare the dogs the whole walk and just get them out on the lawn to do their business. They both pee. Rogue CLEARLY has to poop (we call it extendo-butt) but she is just walking around on the ice crust, falling through with every step and hating it, looking desperately for a place to poop, but not settling on one. We are out there for 20 minutes and nothing! So we go back inside, I throw on the snow boots, put on their little coats and we go for the full walk. Stormy is all excited, she loves being outside, almost no matter what the weather. Rogue is clearly on a mission, she is trotting down the block to "the spot"; the spot where we pretty much always poop. However, the whole world is covered with this same crusty snow stuff. Everywhere. She walks on one lawn and then another and another and finds it everywhere. Well, she is having none of this and will NOT settle on a place to poop. We are out there another 25 minutes before she finally agrees to poop! She just gets up on a lawn and does it, after realizing that, sheesh, this stuff is everywhere!!

We go back inside and get treats. Most exhausting walk ever. I never thought I would have to be a cheerleader for my dog to poop!

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