Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Posted to my LJ on April 18th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

I went out this morning to walk the poochies and did not need, nor want, a sweater, jacket, or other additional layer. WOO!!!!

Finally, a coat-free day! Oh yeah!

So now, here I sit. At 4:12 pm on a Friday. Friday of a larp event. Where the weather is actually going to be decent (meaning not a blizzard, hurricane or arctic freeze). And I am DYINGTOGETOUTOFHEREGODDAMMIT!!!!

On a totally unrelated note, I think that I have no melanin in my legs. I think this because even the Jergens lotion that you put on and get a gradual gentle tan over several days is NOT BRINGING OUT ANY DAMN COLOR ON THEM!

(Have I used quite enough caps and exclamation points? I'm not done yet, folks!)

Not that my legs are pretty, because they aren't. And by not pretty I mean, I have a terrible scratching habit and they are laden with scars because of it. So it's not like I want to wear a short skirt or anything. I would, however, like to wear one of the 3 pairs of pants I have that are slightly cropped. I would like to wear them without applying makeup on my lower legs, which it looks like I will have to do anyway, or wear socks. I mean, come on folks! InStyle magazine recommended this stuff as a "Beauty Best Buy" in their annual '135 Best Beauty Buys' issue!! I even bought the MEDIUM skin tone one, because I am so damn pale!



4:21 now. Feet tapping restlessly.

On another totally unrelated note, I wish I had a CLUE about LJ templates and how to design one, or understand ANYTHING about them other than, "hey, that looks cute." I was looking at the templates again today to see about changing mine again and I just have no idea what it all means. There is a template NAME, but then there is a STYLE NAME that the template is created for, and there is a person who created it. You go into the create section and there are pages of stuff about the styles and I assume that is all how to make one information. But I haven't got the slightest idea what it all means. So for those of you that know me and think I am all that and a bag of chips on computers, not so.

Okay, I am going to get off here, get my shit together, hope SysAdmin guy decides to leave early as the BossGuy has already left and goddamnit it's Friday and its' NICE OUTSIDE!!

Bye, ya'll!!

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