Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Being happy it's Spring!


I heard them last night for the first time this year! Woo!!! That means it has been warm enough for enough days in a row to hatch those little eggs and let them little tree froggies out to climb up and do their little peepin' best.

I love the Spring Peepers. Really, anything that can make a "peep" sound natually has got the cute factor going for it. Plus, they're FROGS!! And frogs are cute. And they peep!

Yeap. I'm silly. I think I have probably posted about the damn spring peepers every year I have had this blog. I will have to check back to see, but my money's on yes.

I don't see many crocus around here, but the daffydils are up, though not blooming yet, in the patches outside work.

One of these years, I will actually plant some crocus bulbs outside my house. Of course, that would require me to get the leaves off the ground before it snows so that when spring comes, the bulbs aren't covered with a layer of leaves 3 inches thick. How is it that a baseball player can make 23 million dollars for standing there hitting a ball and running around for 8 months a year, and not even every day, and people like us have to work 40-plus hours a week to take home less than two-tenths of a percent of that amount while we try and keep our houses clean and repaired, our cars working, our yards mowed and raked, our families fed, our bills paid, our bosses happy while also not letting our appearance become TOO slapped together between hair, clothing and skin care?!

Come on already.

Wow, that was a high-to-low post. Heh. Sorry about that.....

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