Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Posted to my LJ on April 16th, 2008 at 3:19 pm

SysAdmin is having a "Dumb Day".

That is what I call it when he repeatedly asks stupid questions or makes stupid assumptions or does stupid things. REPEATEDLY. Usually it's one-a-day or something like that. And sometimes the stupid things he does are only m-i-l-d-l-y stupid. Like it could possibly just be an honest mistake (except that I know him well enough that it's not a MISTAKE, it's stupidity.)

But HOLY SHIT, DUH!!!!!!

I am so ready to walk outside and just keep going to my car today. It is just non-stop.

First, it was working on an issue that I already did the troubleshooting and resolution for, that he decided he had to troubleshoot all over again because it is happening to another party.

Next, it was a sudden server issue that really came out of nowhere. Our file server had a giant hiccup, causing access to it to be interrupted for our entire building. Well, no sooner do I send out an e-mail saying we are having an unspecified issue (we had not yet figured out it was only the file server,) then he is REBOOTING THE BOX! DURING BUSINESS HOURS! WITHOUT NOTIFYING THE USERS FIRST! Because he could not access it through remote desktop or on the machine itself. No discussing and agreeing saying, our only option is to reboot, no letting me get people off it first, no asking users to save their work. Just - POOF! - rebooted. I guess he is the SysAdmin, he can do that. Right. Sure. Whatever.

After that, he took the liberty of putting a document - that we do not produce and that contains a setup password that may or may not change - on a shared folder. Without asking my co-worker, who controls the distribution of that setup document when he receives it. And without asking the department that produces the document if that is okay with them.

He didn't remember the correct driving reason behind why we wanted to replace our remote access client (our version is End-Of-Life and only has limited support).

And just a few moments ago, he asked another very stupid question about something that we have covered in the past. I just don't understand why he doesn't remember this shit. It's elementary!! First level stuff! WAY under the level that he should have knowledge of.

He said to me during my evaluation last week that we need to utilize a knowledgebase because "not everyone has a memory like a steel trap" gesturing towards me. He knows he has shit for memory. HOW on earth did he ever become a SysAdmin?! You have to know your network and know the machines and the stats and the history and all that shit. Sure, you don't have to know it all from memory. But you shouldn't have to consult your notes every time you deal with the same issue over and over. Hell, I would be happy if he DID consult his notes! At least he would appear organized, like he knows he has a bad memory and only needs a second to review his notes. Make an effort!!!!

I'm so done with him today!!!!

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