Wednesday, October 18, 2006

slightly better

I am actually at work today. Had to stay in bed yesterday or I would have been a heap of goo and of no use to anyone. The nice thing was that I had a cute puppy keeping me company and helping keep the bed warm on my frequent pee breaks. Damned sickness is draining my body of all fluids!

Today I am at work, as I said. My head is clearer in terms of the fogginess. But my chest feels like a large log is squarely planted on it. Time to break out the steroid inhaler. ACK! You know you've already made a friend at the new job when someone is calling you "Typhoid Mary." My supervisor is heaping tea on my desk and offering her cold medicine to me (I think she gave me this plague) and another person brought over disinfecting wipes and purell Monday when I was here. Awwww....I feel so loved.

Today, I left the puppy in the bedroom for the day. Since I have begun working, we have been putting her in the hallway outside the bedroom, blocking off the stairs. We put the crate out there in the morning with all her toys and then close the gate when we are leaving. But she has been not really liking this that much. She doesn't mind being alone, but it's the leaving part that gets her all tense and panicky. We have left her in the actual bedroom a few times for a few hours here and there when we have not been home (movie, errands) but we have not done it all day yet. So today is the trial run. She is a chewer - we call her "The Destructor" and my other half has begun referring to her as "The Unmaker" due to her ability to completely destroy any toy that is not made of solid rubber in a matter of hours. But thankfully she chews on things she is SUPPOSED to chew on - like her toys. She has not taken to chewing on things of ours (yet.) She used to grab socks, any socks that she could get her mouth on. But she seems to have stopped that habit. She did seem happier not to be being put somewhere to be alone all day this morning. We shall see how it works out.

Okay, work to do now. Cross posting to LJ.

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