Monday, October 16, 2006

*cough, cough, sniffle*

I am sick.

Have evil head cold from hell. Includes: chills and feeling feverish, alternating periods of food hatred and extreme craving for soup or egg pastina, head full of phlegm and a sore nose that is like Rudolph's it is so red.

Came to work, gotta get paid. Getting into bed the moment I get home.

So tired and fuzzy headed.



Ben said...

Nyquil is your friend. Drink a crapload and go into a healing coma. That's what I usually do.

Willow said...

My nighttime med of choice is Theraflu actually. The nice hot beverage lulls you into a nice sicky coma. Yesterday's sleep fest helped some. I am going home to sleep more tonight. UGH.