Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 2

My eyes are bleary from staring at THREE computer screens all day!

The first belongs to a person here at work who destroyed his machine while illegally downloading music from the internet. Spyware and Adware, gotta love 'em! So I had to totally reformat his machine, install the OS from scratch, delete the partition (thanks Gentle!) and reinstall all his applications, including the Office Suite. Also had to make his desktop all shiny and like it was before, including backing up his My Docs folder and restoring his Outlook archive as well. He will be upset to find out that his music was not able to be saved. I call that Karma (administered by ME, of course!)

The second machine is a laptop that was returned from being repaired. I had to reinstall many of the applications on this one as well, though thankfully no OS install or Office install; the most time-comsuming and cumbersome ones. Also fortunate for me is that I do NOT have to copy his desktop or My Docs folders over to it since this will apparently be a supplemental laptop, rather than the person's primary machine, as I had been told. Yay. Small favors.

The third machine, as you may have guessed, is mine. My work computer humming away with e-mail coming in, getting license keys for software, looking up things on Google (which I think I visit about 5 times a day to look up things for work!) And of course checking my own e-mail and reading my friends journals and blogs during lunch (while eating at my desk, I should say...)

So I thought I would take a moment and update here while I was finishing up at work because I'll be damned if I am going to even LOOK at my computer at home tonight!!


Ben said...

I am psyched that you got a new job! Sorry to hear you work with an ass clown. People like that guy are a tech nightmare. People who 'know their stuff' but really don't. They just know enough to really F things up. I am pretty sure it is people like them that keep me from getting super powers. Because if I had super powers I would want to use them for beneficial purposes and it'd be a matter of time before 'wiping these idiots off the face of the Earth' became dubbed as such.
Guess I should /rant too.

Willow said...

Welcome to my blog!!!! First commenter! FIRST! (what is that phenomenon anyway, when people just race to be the first commenter on a blog that allows comments. Weirdness!)

Anyway, thanks on the congrats! It feels good to like a job - let's hope that sticks for a while. I am tired of feeling disillusioned by my jobs!

I SO agree with you about the guy! They know enough to mess things up and then blame YOU and be a dickhead about it.

There are many nice people here who are appreciative of my work, so I don't want to paint it all bad here. But this guy, and a few others, are the type that believe that you in IT/Helpdesk exist JUST FOR THEM. If they have an issue, you need to STOP RIGHT NOW and help them ASAP, no matter what the hell is going on. There is one person here who is the a high level assistant and when this person says jump you gotta jump. It's unfortunate because the person is a control freak and has to have things their way ALL the time.

As I said though, fortunately, many of the people here that I work for and with are very friendly and like me a lot. Which rocks!