Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Peepers!!!

Last night I heard the Spring Peepers for the first time this season! That is one of my favorite things about Spring!

I love watching Crocus and Daffodils and Tulips poke their greens and little flower heads up out of the ground and seeing little patches of them here and there.

I love hearing the peepers and knowing that it is now really Spring.

I love seeing the Cardinals I always see that, for me, are the harbingers of Spring. I know they are all-season birds, but I never seen them until the end of Winter, when they are out gathering new nest supplies from around the neighborhood!

I love seeing the green buds on the trees waiting for a good few days of rain and then warm sun to get them to burst open.

I love seeing pairs of geese nesting in the oddest places, getting ready for their goslings to come.

I love the shallow little dug up holes in my yard where the squirrels have come to reclaim some of the acorns that they have hidden last fall and over the winter.

I do love all the seasons, and I think I will make a list like this for each season this year.

Yay, Spring! (Now, snow, you GO AWAY!!!)

(from 4/12/07 LJ post)

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