Friday, November 03, 2006

For the love of Chuck

My favorite blog in the whole world is Dooce.

It is what some people would term a "mommy-blog", but what I call brilliantly funny writing all the time. I love her writing style, her subject matter, her frankness, her correct use of swear words, her hysterical and unique
links (you should check them out!) her family and her dog.

It is her dog that inspires me to post today. Her dog is named Chuck. Chuck is a mutt of unknown origin. He appears to be the perfect dog - about 40 pounds, loves pop tarts, loves to run and frolic outside, but also loves being with the family, loves baking in the sun and will stay stock still to have any matter of object balanced on his head while Dooce takes picture after picture of him.

About a year and a half ago, maybe more, Dooce dubbed Fridays as "Chuck Fridays" and forever after she posts a picture of the Chuck-meister every Friday without fail. The majority of her readers also love Chuck, but there are a few cold hearted scrooges that say Chuck Fridays are played out or boring.

Well, to them I say FAH!!! How can pictures like these be boring!!!
(scroll down the page to see the wondrous Chuck)
(there are 8 pictures of Chuck in various outfits)

Two of my favorite things: Dogs and Star Wars!! How can this be wrong when it feels so right!!!

Heather (Dooce's real life name) even sells a
calendar with 12 months of Chuck, whose nickname is "The Former Congressman". I bought it last year and I will be buying this year's installment as well.

I look forward to Chuck Fridays every week and it always brightens my day! I thought I would share that with the rest of you!

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Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite Chuck photo is the one that made the November masthead - Princess Leia-Chuck.

I love her blog, too. She's brilliant!

Willow said...

I couldn't agree more! Thanks for commenting! :-)